Influence of Lycian House Construction on
Architecture in Lycia Today

Wooden grain storehouses and "ambars" (a large type of storehouse) are often seen in Lycia - almost primarily in Lycia, in the area between Bezirgan and Elmali.  They share many characteristics with Lycian rock-cut house-type tombs and may be a last vestige of Lycian house construction methods.  The best examples of these storehouses are in the village of Beyler near Elmali.  Unfortunately, there are only a few masters alive who know how to construct these buildings using a technique of interlocking joints; it seems that the art will die with them.

grain storehouses, Lycia

Village of Yavu near the site of Cyaneae

grain storehouse, Lycia

Semi-nomadic settlement near Cyaneae


Interior of a grain storehouse, Sidyma


Ambar in village of Beyler near Elmali, next to the side of the main road


Detail of the above ambar

Ambars, village of Beyler, near Elmali (across the street from the ambar in the above photo, tucked behind a building - many ambars in this grouping).

More ambars, village of Beyler, near Elmali


Ambars in Bezirgan village near Kalkan.