Examples of Lycian Sarcophagi

Sarcophagus, Lycia
In modern-day Kaş (Antiphellos)
on a main shopping street
Patara, near the
monumental arch, next to the road leading to the beach
Roman era sarcophagi belonging to a father and son, Sidyma
This type of sarcophagus is different than the normal Lycian sarcophagi with 'gothic' shaped lids, having gable-shaped lids with acroteria at the lower corners.

Inscription on a sarcophagus, Sidyma

Lycian sarcophagus
Baby-sized sarcophagus in a Kaş roundabout
Lycian sarcophagus
Sarcophagus at the Kaş Friday market
Sarcophagus at Pinara Sarcophagus at Pinara

Sarcophagi at Pinara

Lycian sarcophagus Sarcophagus, Lycia
Cyaneae Kekova-Simena, necropolis at Kaleköy

Interior of a sacophagus, Cyaneae

Cupid relief on a Roman era sacrophagus' acroterion, Sidyma

Letoon sarcophagus

An unusual sarcophagus at Letoon,
to the north side of the theatre

Lion sarcophagi lids at the Fethiye Museum (a great museum)

One of a matched pair