Tombs of Cyaneae

Necropolis between the theatre and acropolis, numerous Roman period sarcophagi

Necropolis, overlooking the theatre and agora

Taurus Mountains

Part of the necropolis stretches around this side of the acropolis, along a narrow path (make sure that you are somewhat fit if you want to see this part).

Necropolis on the mountainside

Necropolis on the mountainside, overlooking the plain of Yavu

Rock-cut tombs
Cyaneae - Ionic temple-type rock-cut tomb

An interesting tomb at the mountainside necropolis, conspicuous from the valley floor below, but not easy to reach.  Its single column makes it unusual, as does the sarcophagus placed above it.  An inscription states that the sarcophagus was reserved for the tomb's owner, Perpenenis and his wife, while the rest of the tomb was for the use of relatives.