Patara - Hadrian's Granary

Hadrian's Granary is an obvious structure on the west side of the ancient harbor, the trade center of the city during Roman times.  It is a imposing building, 75 x 25 metres, divided into eight sections with meticulously worked walls, was probably two-storied, and was built during during emperor Hadrian's visit in 131 AD.  Cereals and other goods to be shipped to Rome were stored here.  Most likely there were once many buildings surrounding the granarium all related to trade.

Latin inscriptions were found containing the names of the emperor Hadrian and his wife Sabina, associated to Zeus of Olympus and exalting Sabina to "New Hera."

This granarium is much like the huge granary at Myra's port city of Andriace (still seen in today's Demre), also built during Hadrian's visit.  However, unlike the granary at Andriace, Patara's is much less decorated.  Decorated gutters and consoles and carved decorations with garland on the southern wall constitute the only ornamentation.

The granary can be reached by following the track road and trail that leads around the southern part of the marsh, from the Roman ante temple and "Middle Ages City".  However, it is pretty rough going on the western shore, through very thick thorny vegetation. 


Note: Information on this page is from the book Patara: The History and Ruins of The Capital City of Lycian League by Dr. Fahri Işıki (head excavator of Patara), Orkun and Ozan Medya Hizmetleri A.Ş. 2000.  I believe this is a limited edition book and unfortunately I don't know where it can be purchased.