South Necropolis, Pinara

You can reach this place either by leaving the lower acropolis at its southern edge and following the little path down to the stream bed or by climbing down from the upper acropolis, just past the remains of the church.

Some of the tombs:
Rock-cut tombs at Pinara

House-type tombs

House-type tombs
Rock-cut house-type tomb at Pinara

The characteristic "wooden" beams and ceilings of ancient Lycian houses, often incorporated into Lycian "house-type" tombs. See how this architecture influenced that of the region today

More rock-cut tombs, next to the "Royal Tomb" (below)
Lycian inscription on one of these tombs with original blue pigment
"Royal Tomb" temple-type tomb, Pinara

"Royal Tomb" rock-cut temple-type tomb


The galls of the "Royal Tomb's" porch carry reliefs showing four Lycian cities (real or imaginary) within whose battlements houses and tombs are visible.


There are also reliefs on the tomb's pediment as well as a frieze below it, not in the best state:



 Frieze details


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