The Nereid Monument, British Museum


Note: the original place of many of the sculptures on the building is open to question and the reconstruction shown here is disputed.

1. Central akrotetion: the pediments were crowned by sculpture in the round (akroterio).  These are not incorporated in the reconstruction, but are displayed on the wall of the gallery.

2. Corner akroteria: these took the form of female figures in motion, fragments survive but are not displayed.

3. Pediment: dynastic couple, perhaps Arbinas and his wife, enthroned in the centre, attended by their children and other figures.

4. Architrave frieze: scenes of hunting.

5. Cella frieze: figures bearing offering trays and leading bulls and goats to an altar.

6. Nereids: freestanding statues of girls with wind-blown draperies thought to represent Nereids, daughters of the sea-god Nereus.

7. Lesser podium frieze: battle involving the seige of a city

8. Large podium frieze: battle with scenes of infantry and cavalry combat.